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The Decatur Township Civic Council is one of the oldest neighborhood organizations in Indianapolis.  Established in 1953, it serves all the residents of Decatur Township.  It has been a leading neighborhood organization in Decatur Township promoting positive growth for our community.

Decatur Township has experienced accelerated growth in the past few years, and through the Decatur Township Civic Council you can help shape that growth.  Membership in the Civic Council is a way to have a voice in what happens to our community.  The larger our membership, the more effective we become as a community in having our voice heard.

The Civic Council has several committees that are the backbone of our organization.  It is through these that recommendations are made to the Civic Council membership for many of the development issues we face.  We need more participation in these from the community.  They are, Land Use, Land Development, Transportation, Public Affairs, Legislative, Membership, Civic Affairs and Parks.

At our monthly meetings you will find information about what is happening in the Township, and can help plan for the future and be able to vote on proposed developments in our community.  Out motto of "Citizens Serving To Make A Good Community Better" can be built upon by joining us.  I welcome all residents of Decatur Township to become members.

Thanks for visiting our website and feel free to contact us anytime.